Carl Duisberg Centren takes part in calls for tenders by such international organizations as Europe Aid and the World Bank.

We are constantly looking for competent partners as well as experts for international projects. Are you interested in working with Carl Duisberg Centren for international projects? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our worldwide network

When executing our international training and further education projects, we work together closely with a global network of partners from companies, administrative entities, and national and international organizations. As a result of our cooperation and exchange of experience with our partners, we are able to ensure the continued high quality of our programs in today's increasingly globalized and specialized world.

Working with Carl Duisberg Centren as an expert

When carrying out our training and further education projects, we work with an international network of external trainers and consultants. If, as an expert, you are interested in working with us on individual projects, please send us your resume in the current Europass format.

Make sure that the focus of your qualifications is clear in your resume, and please support this with appropriate references where possible.

Your documents will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.