The EU program for training and further education of management personnel

Objectives of the program

The Managers' Training Program IV (MTP 4) is a training and further education project for management personnel from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan which has received twelve million euros in support from the European Union. This project is intended to improve the capabilities of companies in all sectors in these economies.

MTP 4 offers various courses of training. Young managers can take part in eight-week or twelve-week training courses that consist of internships within companies in the EU that are accompanied by seminars. Top managers are offered four-week study visits through two EU countries.

In the period between 2006 and 2008, MTP 4 is offering training and further education for a total of 809 managers. More than 2,700 members of management from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Mongolia have already completed a course of training between 2000 and 2005 in earlier phases of the project.

MTP 4 offers participating managers a chance to prepare for challenges such as economic reforms, the transition to a market economy and more competitive situations in international markets. At the same time, European companies and educational institutes in Russia and Ukraine are also able to profit from MTP 4.

Project managers and partners for MTP 4

Carl Duisberg Centren is responsible for the project management and for all coordination duties for MTP 4 on behalf of the European Union. These duties include implementation of the project in the EU and in the participating countries, strategic development and financial management. Carl Duisberg Centren carries out this project in cooperation with a consortium of ten partner organizations from nine member countries of the EU.

In Russia, MTP 4 works closely with The State's Federal Commission for the Training of Management Personnel for National Commercial Enterprises. In Ukraine, the National Initiative for the Training and Further Education of Managers , otherwise known as the "Ukrainian Initiative", is the cooperation partner.

Companies in the European Union

By taking on a management trainee from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan or Azerbaijan, European companies are offered the opportunity to establish new commercial contacts with partners in these countries. And, thanks to the technical expertise, specific knowledge of individual regions of the CIS and business contacts possessed by the trainees, the host companies are also able to acquire well-founded insight into these markets. MTP 4 allows European companies from all sectors and industries to take part. Companies which are interested in hosting a trainee can find more detailed information in the MTP flyer or in the information for host companies. 

Companies in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan

Qualified managers increase the performance and competitiveness of a company. Professionally trained management personnel are better able to react to challenges such as restructuring and adapting to changed market conditions. By participating in MTP 4, managers are able to expand their technical and intercultural know-how, while at the same time establishing commercial contacts with partners in the EU and building up new networks.

Corporate development in Russia and Ukraine

MTP 4 offers a special development program for 40 members of management from small and medium-sized firms, 20 each from Russia and Ukraine. A primary objective is to emphasize the increasing importance of human resources development. Another component of MTP 4 involves the establishment of professional management training and further education programs in Russian and Ukraine. Responsible parties from 20 such training facilities in these countries are trained to offer their customers in commercial enterprises professional training.

Resource centers in Russian regions

MTP 4 contributes to the development of business-friendly structures in the various Russian regions. With the creation of so-called resource centers, the cooperation between companies, administrative bodies, political bodies and training and further education centers is given support at the regional level.

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