Reform of the TVET System Egypt

As part of the program for the reform of the TVET system, financed by the Egyptian government and the European Union, Carl Duisberg Centren organizes trips for delegations of executive experts on the Egyptian education system.

The program’s main aim is strengthening and reforming the educational system for various professions in Egypt. Further training programs organized by Carl Duisberg Centren should promote cooperation and exchange between experts in Egypt and the European Union.

A total of 30 one-week further training programs were organized and conducted as part of the TVET reform.


The following contents were among the topics of further training programs organized by Carl Duisberg Centren:

  • dual-training system
  • role of chambers and associations in the educational system
  • standardization, quality control and certification in vocational training
  • management of centers for vocational training
  • marketing of further training
  • career counseling and vocational orientation
  • financing and management of independent vocational training providers
  • monitoring and evaluation


The program aims at strengthening Egypt’s training sector as well as the improvement of the cooperation between EU countries and Egypt in the area of vocational training and further training.

Task of Carl Duisberg Centren

  • planning and execution of trainings in 13 different countries in close cooperation with the respective client
  • choice of suitable partner institutions for visits
  • logistics (international as well as national transport, accommodation, Visa etc.)
  • program monitoring and evaluation

Target Countries


Duration of Program