Professional Training Programs

Training Programs for Managers and Experts from Abroad

With our training programs, we bring together German Know-How, and managers and experts from abroad. Our trainings provide practical tips and tools and offer our partners in Germany the opportunity to establish contact with emerging markets.

Current Programs

Training at High-Performing Educational Locations in Germany – Made in Germany

We design customized training programs with experts from the business and administrative industries in Germany at the German site of location. The training programs are complemented by visits to innovative and leading companies, public authorities and educational institutions. Our participants learn first-hand about the success factors of German companies and exchange ideas with company representatives on site.


Business Matching – International Business Contacts

We establish business relations between our participants and companies in Germany. We support managers in our programs by training their management skills, identifying potential business partners in their industry and initiating business contacts. The goal is to establish long-term international cooperation.


Capacity Building

We strengthen the ability of international SMEs to act in foreign trade cooperation. We provide young entrepreneurs with targeted support in preparing their companies for the German market through the acquisition of leadership skills, management competencies and export knowledge. Our capacity building programs are carried out locally in Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America and Germany.

Our Services

As a comprehensive training provider, we are a strong partner for the internationalization of small and medium-sized companies from Germany and abroad. In order to be able to confidently operate in global markets, we provide managers and experts with the languages skills, intercultural know-how, international management knowledge as well as access to international markets and business partners.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Univeks LLC, Azerbaijan

“The negotiation techniques that we focussed on in the training “Doing Business with Germany” are very useful. I will apply them in practice for dealing with suppliers from Germany and from other countries as well. Thanks!“

Mr. Ferid Hasanzade
General Manager, Univeks LLC (Azerbaijan)
Participant of the Manager Training Programme 2020

Hermandad Cervecera de Mexico

“Big challenge, big effort, big results!“

Mr. David Salcido Piñera
Co-Founder and Partner at Hermandad Cervecera de Mexico HCM (Beer Brotherhood of Mexico)
Participant of the Manager Training Programme 2020

Agrolane Ltd., Georgia

“Skills acquired during the training have had a huge impact on my personal growth as a manager.”

Mrs. Ana Gviniashvili
Export Manager, Agrolane Ltd. (Georgia)
Participant of the Manager Training Programme 2020

Medical Device Manufacturing, South Africa

“As the CEO of my company the course has impacted me in many ways that have encouraged the effectiveness in the short and long term. It has encouraged the set of skills like, strategy, vision, culture shareholder value and many others.”

Maphepane Baiocco

CEO, Medical Device Manufacturing, South Africa
Participant of the Manager Training Programme 2021